Towing Services

Topanga Canyon Roadside Assistance; we are the best roadside assistance company that you can call all over the San Fernando Valley. We have a fast response and we make sure that the prices are the most affordable prices that anyone can give you. Our team consists of some of the smartest and most reliable technicians out there. They do the job fast to get your back on the driving seat.

towing topanga canyon - flatbed towing
towing topanga canyon - wheel lift towing
light duty towing

Car Towing

We will dispatch the right tow truck depending on your towing situation. There is no need to worry about the charges because our services are highly affordable. We can tow various types of vehicles, including exotic or luxury cars. There is no need to fret if you are stranded on the side of the road.

Motorcycle Towing

Topanga Canyon Motorcycle Towing takes pride in customer satisfaction so we make sure that our prices are the most affordable ones around and that they helped the customer with all he or she needed help with. We also make sure that we do the job very quickly and exactly what it had to be done so they don’t have problems with you and so you could go back to your schedule.

RV Towing

We have medium duty tow truck fleet is able to assist in moving with towing a wide array of motorhomes, vans, cube vans, step vans, small buses, and RVs. Our medium duty towing team is trained to ensure your vehicle is dealt with properly and with good care. With our extensive fleet of tow trucks and equipment, we will go anywhere in Topanga Canyon at any time to recover your equipment. We know that when one of your trucks is impaired, it can be frustrating. Our medium-duty tow trucks tow a wide range of vehicles.

Heavy Duty Towing

We provide safe and secure heavy-duty tow truck services for vehicles such as motorhomes, semi-trucks, buses, construction equipment and more. Our heavy-duty towing team are highly trained and experienced in bus, semi-truck and heavy machinery towing. We understand that your truck may be more than just for transportation, it can also affect the operation of your company. Thus we will do in our best ability to recover your vehicle with minimum damage possible and get you back on the road.

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