Wheel lift towing is available in Topanga Canyon, CA. Wheel lift towing can be a cost-effective and convenient way to get your car moved if it has become immobile. Though there are several circumstances in which this strategy may be less than ideal, it is still a viable option in many situations. Tow trucks with a wheel lift metal yoke strategically placed on the front or rear wheels of the vehicle are known as wheel lift towing.

Wheel Lift Towing Advantages

The hydraulic boom on a wheel lift truck has a couple of crossbars at the end. These bars are slid beneath the front or rear wheels of a vehicle. The vehicle is lifted off the ground, yet two wheels remain on the ground. The operator can lift the front or back end of the vehicle depending on the transmission. The current wheel lift truck has a hydraulic dolly, whereas older models merely had chains and a crane. A tow dolly can be mounted to the wheels that function on the ground, reducing the possibility of damage.

There are many benefits to using wheel lift towing. The towing is more agile, allowing cars to maneuver in tight spaces. Wheel lift trucks have the advantage of being able to tow cars that are parallel parked, stalled in a parking garage with low ceilings, or parked on a narrow road. As it is a more advanced and superior approach than standard hook and chain towing, in which the chains are wrapped around the axles of the immobile vehicle. The wheel-lift method uses metal yokes to lift and support the weight of its tires, reducing the risk of damage to the vehicle’s structure and bumper. Hooking up is easy and efficient, allowing your vehicle to be towed for relatively short distances, and vehicles are safely towed. A qualified technician quickly and precisely positions brackets and inserts pins to ensure safe towing.

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When you call for our towing service, you will be greeted by a courteous crew of well-dressed, knowledgeable operators, and we will arrive in the appropriate truck within a half-hour of your call. Our wheel lift tow trucks are outfitted with a hydraulic dolly in the back. Our operator will back up to the front or rear of your vehicle, depending on the configuration of your transmission, then lower the hydraulic dolly into place and drive (or manually push) your car onto the dolly, securing it with tire or axle straps.

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